At Great Lakes Mortgage, our mortgage loan originators work with real estate investors who serve the Midwest middle-class market.

  • Single Family Residences
  • One to Four Family Residences
  • Multi-family and Condominiums
  • Apartment Buildings

Real Estate Financing with Great Lakes Mortgage

Our 30-year fixed mortgages are for real estate companies and individual investors with small units and apartment building who are providing people with high-quality places to live. Whether you are just getting started in the finance world, or are a seasoned veteran, Great LakesMortgage has opportunities for you.

The Challenges of Financing in the Middle Class and How Great Lakes Mortgage Can Help

When real estate investors aim to finance a new property, it can be difficult because the banks do not typically fund Non-Qualified Mortgages and consequently, these companies do not have proper access to capital. Taking out a regular bank loan or engaging in private financing for Non-Qualified Mortgages comes with extremely high interest rates. These high interest rates create missed opportunities in the growth of business and building better portfolios.

Our goal at Great Lakes Mortgage is to become the leading provider of financing for 30-year fixed Non-Qualified Mortgages for real estate investors in the Midwest and Great Lakes Area. Located in the heart of Downtown Cleveland, OH, we are here to help.